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3.2m Flex Banner Slitter

3.2m Flex Banner Slitter

A machine which can use for Flex banner,Knife-coated Banner,Mesh,Self-adhesive Vinyl Slitting.

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Widely Applications

This slitter can use for flex banner,mesh banner,ceiling film,self-adhesive vinyl One way vision,oil canvas and other roll materials cutting.

Quality Steel Roller

The machine use high quality steel roller,better concentricity,

Ensure the rotation stability of the

material in the cutting process,

Minimize the influence of cutting on material width.

Tungsten Steel Blade

The machine uses customized tungsten

steel blades,Compared with the traditional blade,it has better heat dissipation and

higher strength.

While ensuring the service life of the blade,Because of the material damage caused by overheating of the blade.

When the tungsten steel blade is blunt,it

can be sent back to thefactory. A normal

blade can bepolished 3-5times,with

service life up to several years.

Steel Roller Drive Motor

The machine uses steel roller to drive the

motor to ensure that during the cutting

process,The material can rotate evenly.

While ensuring the flatness of the incision,

It improves the efficiency of cutting and the capacity of cutting.

Safety Cover

The safety cover on th emachine,during

the cutting process,As the cutting depth of the blade changes,Ensure the safety of operators to the great estextent,

Machines are much easier to use.

Solid Base

The base of the machine is welded with

square steel,Ensure the stability of the


Solid base ensures the service life of the machine.

So far,the machines the company sold six years ago,The customer is still in normal


Double Round Rail Design

The cutting head is designed with

double circular rails,It ensures the

stability of the nose,so that when the nose moves,

Smoother.According to different

cutting sizes,customers can,Move the head to the desired position.

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