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Uncertain Glory‘s shooting starts

When the row of trucks leaves the production’s warehouse towards Huesca loaded with soldier uniforms, furniture, armament, makeup and hairdressing boxes you realise that finally the no-return point in the creation of a film is trespassed. But not until the first image is shot, the first sound of the clapperboard listened to and the first shout of “Action!” does not echo in the midst of the spectral silence of the whole team, you do not know that what once was only an idea, just a suggestion, a remote possibility, will now be a reality called Uncertain Glory. It was written by Joan Sales and it is going to be directed by Agustí Villaronga; and if it works out well, it can shake people’s emotions and if it works even better, it can turn around collective situations.
This is the privilege of the producer, who once has thought, designed and financed the project, is able to take distance for a few moments and breathe calmly. Breathing happily, that is what I am doing now, up in a bell tower of the Cartuja of Monegros, surrounded by this earthy and magnificent landscape, looking at the mass of people doing their job with a clock discipline: electricians assembling spotlights, attrezzo managers setting objects, actors rehearsing movements… This amazing moment, makes the producer feel the almighty creator, theone who had made it possible and, a few seconds later, the tiny piece of a perfect gear where each member of the team is giving the best of him/herself with the conviction that art will emerge from that. A slight pressure on the director’s back, everyone stands still in front of the display unit that reflects the framing of the cameras and “Action!” Marcel Borràs as a Republican soldier, shy, trapped like an insect in a cobweb looks at the mature and disturbing beauty of Núria Prims (Carlana), illuminated with candles by J.M Civit. She is the landlady of the castle and the one who will shake the immovable principles that Marcel had before the war broke out and that, like all wars, changes everything and takes humans to their limit, bringing out the worst they have and the best, too. The horses that the two friends, Lluís and Soleràs, will ride arrive when the reddish Aragonese afternoon falls; the team retires fatigued and happy until the next day at sunrise to begin the second day of shooting of this Uncertain Glory which already is a film.
Isona Passola

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