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Uncertain Glory‘s shooting.

Those who are fans of UNCERTAIN GLORY, the novel, who are quite a number around the world, know it is not just a novel but many, and it is precisely this richness that has made it famous. Therefore, it contains many possible films and films last, at the most, two hours. The scriptwriter must choose the way that looks more cinematographic and that can fit in the director’s style so that he can own the story. We discussed this all with Coral Cruz, the scriptwriter, and Agustí in Massa d’Or’s courtyard during delicious hours while afternoons fell. What characters would not be in the film if we chose this narrative thread or the other? Poor Cruells, he is not in the movie!
Joan Sales said in 1956: “We seek Glory in many things but, above all, in love”. And of course, UNCERTAIN GLORY, the film, will also be about love. But not the type of love that has a happy ending and the viewer is left with the kiss that solves everything, but with the one in which it all starts: right after the kiss, when the real life of love begins. It has so many difficulties and so much contradiction that you end up understanding that other enigmatic phrase by the same Joan Sales that says: “The best war is the one that is lost”. Perhaps because losing a real war or a love war is what enlightens you to the happy complexity of life and makes it more lucid, richer, more generous, and ultimately: more cinematographic.
All this I remembered in the middle of the shooting in the Aragonese city of Angüés; in a beautiful scene. Those in charge of special effects had already filled the square with foam and the snow was spotless. The spotlights gave a white-blue moonbeam that covered everything. A group of officers were celebrating Christmas’ Eve at the canteen and singing songs that we could hear through the fogged windows. And then we see Lluís, Trini and Ramonet, who drags a cardboard horse into the party. All the protection of the love of the family group in this white path. Once inside the canteen this magic will collapse: Trini will know that her man is unfaithful to her while outside it is freezing cold.
 Isona Passola
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