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End of the shooting of INCERTA GLÒRIA 
It is the end of a very hard shooting, after eight weeks of weird timetables because of the night scenes, the fatigue of the team is huge, but after hearing the last sound of the clapperboard the longing of such shared intensity begins, after so much effort poured: hugs and tears between actors, technicians, and everyone who has made it possible. We’ve made a movie that if it’s good, it will remain in history. And if it happened with the UNCERTAIN GLORY film, everyone would know we owe it to the team’s talent and contribution under the firm and at the same time sensible leadership of this magistral architect of emotions that is Agustí Villaronga.
If BLACK BREAD‘s shooting was finished by tumbling the horse through the cliffs of Tavertet, moved by what we had just done; UNCERTAIN GLORY lwas finished with the funniest scene in the script: the soldiers receive their superior’s orders while inside the river and in the middle of the midsummer heat; lieutenant Picó –David Bagés- who gives them a speech about the great enemies of the army, lice and pornography, in front of a perplexed Lluís – Marcel Borràs- who has just joined the company. In the name of hygiene the lieutenant distributes soap from pillar to post and orders them not to be ashamed of showing their private parts and at the shout of –break ranks!- about fifty men, getting rid of the uniforms, jump into the water naked and euphoric, shouting – Long live the Republic!-. The shooting’s discipline does not prevent a considerable spree and the jealousy from the ones who are not actors because the heat on the 22nd of June is great.
Afterwards, a row of chariots drawn by donkeys and horses loaded with suitcases, blankets and personal items, will carry Lluís, Trini –Bruna Cusí-, his son Ramonet and some other men and women who had lost the war, our refugees, towards exile.
We finish both with this happiness and this sadness that quite rightly synthesise everybody’s mood and which Oriol Pla did not want to miss although he was not required in the sequence. With this happiness for the well done good work, I would like to thank a technical and artistic team that have been at the height of such an ambitious project.
I am grateful for the eagerness, the effort and the purpose; for how you have thrown yourselves on the shooting of UNCERTAIN GLORY. This film, thanks to your talent and generosity, is more than clear to have a certain future. A warm embrace full of gratitude and friendship that takes all of you one by one and at the same time!
Isona Passola
The actors Oriol Pla, Bruna Cusí and Marcel Borràs


Lucia Faraig, still photography, and Mercè Paloma, and the team
The shooting team of UNCERTAIN GLORY
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