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PVC Foam Board Cutter FC-240

PVC Foam Board Cutter FC-240

Good Tool for PVC Foam Board ,

Foam Board  & Roll Materials Cutting

This cutter widely use  for self-adhesive PP Paper, Self-adhsive Vinyl, Photopaper, Backlit Film, Foam Board, PVC Foam Board Cutting.

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Apply for Roll & Sheet Materials

The machine can use for Roll & sheet materials cutting.

Can use for PP Paper, Self adhesive PP Paper, Vinyl, PVC Foam board, Foam Board and other materials cutting.

Max cutting thickness can be 10mm

The cutting thickness is:0-10mm

1.For Foam board, The max thickenss is 10mm;

2. For high density foam board,The max thickness is 5mm.

3. Customer can adjust the blade holder according to his applications.

60mm Rotary Blade

60mm ultra thin rotary blade, with higher hardness, sharper blade and neat cutting edge。


The blade is sharpe enough, So wear the groves when you change the blade.

Adjustable Shade Positioning Line

Through the adjustable thin line under the LED, the cutting position is determined to ensure the precision cutting.

The thin line have adjustable knobs. The customer can adjust the cutting line according to the trace of the cutter on the cutting pad.

Adjustable Positon Ruler

Adjustable position ruler, for fixed size pictures,can provide cutting efficiency without calibrate the cutting line.

Roll Materials Holder

Standard equipped with roll materials bracket ,suit for 2-inch and 3-inch cores .Convenient to cut the printed graphics in batches.

Intelligence Control System

Using the inttelligence control system,customers can asjust the cutting speed and width according to the materials and graphics size.

Linked pressing plate

Using linked pressing plate, No matter the

thickness of the materials, ensure the

graphics not move during the cutting.

Keep the cutting in high quality.

Wooden Box Packing

Use the neutral wooden box packing,

Strong and durable, can better protect

the product during the transportation.

Customers Feedback

The machine can use for Foam board ,PVC Foam Board Cutting easily.

Customers Feedback

The machine can use for PP paper, Self adhesive Vinyl Cutting easily.

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